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What We Do

For interior design to be seamless and well-implemented, a tailored approach needs to be implemented that considers the client's desires, is sympathetic to the style of the building, and adds value to the property by increasing functionality. As an interior design studio in Cheshire, we have worked on an array of outstanding commercial and residential interior design projects. We offer comprehensive luxury interior design services including interior design consultations, spatial planning, technical drawings and project management. Based on the nature of the interior design project, we can act independently as a lead interior designer, or we can work with an architect appointed by the client.
By overseeing the suppliers and tradesmen, we ensure that a high level of quality finish is delivered on time. Through our long-term relationships with the industry's finest artisans and craftsmen, we are able to offer exceptional detailing whilst using the best quality materials available.

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For over a decade within the industry, our founder and interior designer, Jenni Greenwood, has developed an invaluable reputation for creating elegant, sophisticated luxury interior designs for private clients, including prestigious developments and projects in the luxury accommodation market.

Interior Design Planning


Unparalleled design approach

At the Greenwood Interior Design studio, we are very passionate about being able to design a solution that is a perfect match between your aspirations as well as the styles that you enjoy in interior design. The more we learn about all the aspects of the property, that are most important to you and your vision, the better our ability to create a detailed interior design brief that reflects you as an individual, your personality, and your lifestyle.

Luxury Design Plan


Precision, Integrity and Care

We are dedicated to fulfilling our client’s desires with enthusiasm, integrity, care, and precision. We offer our clients turnkey house solutions from conception through to completion focused on specialist craftsmanship and presenting a truly luxury interior design.

We are not always bound by a house style, which is why Greenwood Interior Design is not subject to a defined design aesthetic in its interior design. Consequently, we offer a truly tailored design service that is customised for every client's individual style, taking into account the architectural requirements of the project and the client's personal style. Our team makes sure to address any possible limitations that may arise during the design process with passion and commitment.
The exact needs and wants of the client are what we assess, as well as the vision they have for how the space will be used. When involved in a remodel, there may be structural work that needs to be done as well as an extension being built. It is during this stage that we will not only listen but also share ideas based on our many years of experience as luxury interior designers.

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